From the very beginning, we have been technology enthusiasts. Our aim is to provide our clients and our teams with the latest technologies and innovations.

We have opted to use the Google Workspace solution (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet). Remote and on-the-go working is facilitated for our employees and clients.

From day one, being able to create, collaborate and communicate seamlessly is a clear focus. This led us to choose solutions such as the Office 365 suite or Microsoft Teams.

Our teams truly know the main tools used within the Real Estate industry. Yardi, eFront, OneStream, Investran, Hyperion, Sage BOB, and Sigma Conso are some examples.


Confidentiality of the information that we process, and therefore its security, are at the heart of our concerns, well beyond the professional secrecy rules to which we are bound.

Data Protection

All of our workstations have been secured through partition encryption and protection against external threats (antispyware, antimalware, anti-ransomware, and antivirus).

In terms of data protection, every piece of information exchanged through our professional suites is systematically synchronized and encrypted.

On a daily basis, all of our data are backed up within data centers protected by physical firewalls.


From the first encounter, investing time to learn how you operate and your objectives is paramount.


It is essential for us to understand the challenges of any of the companies we interact with, as well as their inherent risks.


Putting our heads together and applying our professional judgment are the key components of a qualitative service.


Despite increasing automation, systems are not infallible. A robust four-eyes principle is always applied to any of the tasks entrusted to us.


We place the greatest emphasis on the planning and allocation of the right resources.


We consider that two-way communication is fundamental to achieving the highest delivery standards.


Proper monitoring with the ability to provide early warnings is key to the way we work.


Your feedback matters to us. Regular debriefing sessions are organized to transparently exchange what went well and what can be enhanced.


We archive your files for future reference.

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