The EU private markets are constantly evolving, and creating alpha and meeting investors' demands is a matter of survival for GPs and VCs. To succeed in the ESG landscape, you must find a partner who understands your specific needs and challenges. Forstone is here to help you to win the race and stay ahead of the curve through a unique hands-on approach.

We at Forstone provide you with clarity and guidance in the ESG jungle so that you can focus on your core business and finding alpha in the green transitioning in the EU private markets fueled by the SFDR and the EU Taxonomy Regulation.

In the private markets, sustainability-related data or ESG credentials can help GPs and LPs identify risks and opportunities within their portfolios. We use the terms GPs and VCs and AFIMs/fund managers interchangeably for clarification.

In a nutshell, we assist GPs and VCs in understanding what ESG is about and what legal requirements they need to comply with, then integrate relevant ESG metrics tailored to their investment strategies and their organization. The purpose of this is to (i) enable them to grow their assets under management, (ii) find better investment opportunities and (iii) exit with a high risk-adjusted return on their current investments.

We also understand that different GPs can have different ESG motivations and challenges. To effectively convey your ESG story, Forstone guides GPs and VCs in their ESG initiatives to future-proof their business and meet regulatory requirements and other stakeholders’ demands.

Accompanying you is a privilege; therefore, we are willing to go the extra mile to ensure you stay compliant with applicable laws and regulations and get a competitive advantage by taking your ESG implementation efforts to the next level.

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